myBullard myBullard™ is a personal control panel for you to register, inventory, maintain, service, and enhance your thermal imaging products and accessories. This easy-to-use software enhancement will help you organize and optimize your thermal imaging operations. Click to open the green bars and begin.

Step 1:    Setup Your myBullard Account

Step 2:    Download the myBullard User Guide

Download the myBullard user guide for step-by-step installation instructions and initial set-up assistance.

  1.8 MB

Step 3:    Download the myBullard Installation Software

DownloadmyBullard_Setup.exe  74 MB

- OR -  74 MB

If you use a proxy please download and install one of the versions below:

DownloadmyBullard_Offline_Setup.exe  84 MB

- OR -  84 MB

Step 4:    View the myBullard Video Series

In this video series we will show you how to use your Bullard Thermal Imager with the myBullard software. You can watch the entire myBullard Video Series online.