TI Service and Repair

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Bullard Service Commitment
Since Bullard introduced its first thermal imager in 1998, the company has been earning the respect and trust of its customers through its commitment to excellence in service. All thermal imaging customers who send their products in for service or maintenance will receive up-front pricing, 2 business day turnaround, complete system diagnostics, and free inbound and outbound shipping. Bullard offers a limited lifetime warranty for shell replacements.

Bullard Service Approach
The Bullard Service program consists of several elements:

  • Simple pricing based on market price tiers, communicated to the customer before the product is sent to Bullard
  • Pre-authorization of all thermal imaging service returns, for transaction efficiency and speed of turnaround
  • E-mail communication to customer upon repair delivery and pickup from Bullard
  • Prepaid inbound and outbound shipping for all thermal imaging regardless of warranty status
  • Complete system diagnostics on every camera serviced
  • Complimentary replacement of straps and display cover window on all repairs
  • Limited lifetime warranty for shell replacements

How the Bullard Thermal Service Process Works

  • Your Initial Call: When customers call Bullard at 877-BULLARD with a service or repair issue, Bullard Customer Service Representatives use a decision tree process to diagnose the symptoms of the problem and provide the list price for the repair over the phone, prior to a return authorization being issued.
  • Processing the Return: The customer will authorize payment, and the distributor will issue a Purchase Order for that amount. Bullard will then issue a return authorization (RA) number. This process ensures that all units returned to Bullard will be serviced within 2 business days upon being received at Bullard.
  • Shell Replacement
  • Communication: Bullard will e-mail the customer upon issue of the return authorization, upon delivery of the product to Bullard, and upon pickup of the camera for return to the customer.
  • Repair: The product will be repaired. If the issue with a unit falls into a different pricing tier than originally priced in the estimate, Bullard will adjust the price accordingly. If the problem is in a higher-priced tier, Bullard will inform the distributor and customer so a revised Purchase Order can be issued by the distributor prior to the completion of the repair.
  • Extra Care: Your camera will receive complimentary strap replacement and display cover window replacement, and a diagnostic process will be performed to ensure it is working properly before it leaves the factory.
  • Return: The product will be shipped back to the customer (via FedEx Ground) within 2 business days of receipt at Bullard.

Bullard Approach to Service Pricing
The five-tier pricing structure for thermal imager repairs at Bullard is based on replacing groupings of components, rather than individual components. This approach helps ensure predictable pricing and comprehensive service on all cameras returned to the Bullard factory. Following are the pricing tiers:

  • Tier 1 - Basic service such as non-electronic repairs and shell replacement
  • Tier 2 - Charging system repairs
  • Tier 3 - Liquid crystal display and power management repairs
  • Tier 4 - IFCCA board, lens and shutter repairs
  • Tier 5 - Engine core repairs
Bullard will invoice only one tier (the tier relating to the most expensive service item), even when multiple issues are found.

Final Touches

Keeping Your TI in Top Condition
Preventative Maintenance Service - The Preventative Maintenance Service at Bullard allows a fire/police department to return its thermal imager to “like new” condition, replacing maintenance parts, providing a complete diagnostic of the thermal imager and replacing the outer housing and straps. Especially for heavy users, the Preventative Maintenance Service can restore the water resistant integrity of the outer shell to help prevent water from intruding into the electronics. In short, the Preventative Maintenance Service enables you to catch small problems before they become big problems. As with repairs, Bullard offers a 2 business day turnaround on preventative maintenance. For more information, call 877-BULLARD or e-mail info@bullard.com.