Interactive Thermal Imaging Orientation CD

Thermal Imaging Training

Course Description
The first day of the two day course is spent in a classroom either at your station or at a local training facility. During this classroom session, all members of the department are invited to learn about the theory of thermal imaging technology, applications of the technology and tactical considerations.

The second day of training, firefighters selected by the department will receive hands-on instruction using their Bullard Thermal Imagers in live training. The live burn is conducted at your local, academy or at a structure that is acquired by the department for training. This experience provides firefighters with intense, individualized instruction, putting all the information in compliance with NFPA standards for live training.

Firefighters finish the training session with the basic knowledge required to use this high tech tool effectively and safely in the field.

For more information on Thermal Imaging Training through SAFE-IR, Inc., please call SAFE-IR, Inc. at 1-877-472-3347 or e-mail