Bullard Thermal Imager Training for the Fire Service

A thermal imager can be a great tool, but like any other tool, a thermal imager is only as good as the operator using it. Bullard is committed to ensuring that firefighters have the proper training to use thermal imaging technology effectively, which is why Bullard is the only fire service TI manufacturer to employ firefighters in a full-time training capacity and consistently offers instructional materials that aid firefighters in their applications.

Applications for Thermal Imagers - Notes and Graphics
Learn what a thermal imager is capable of doing and how you can achieve the application. Notes and graphics illustrate specific applications.

Evaluating Thermal Imagers
Selecting a thermal imager can be a complex process, as fire departments select among several technologies, a great number of features and a wide range of service and support offerings. Bullard provides materials to help guide your thermal imager evaluation process. Take a few moments to read an article about how to manage the process, and to help you effectively conduct a side-by-side comparison of thermal imagers.

Training Materials

Trade Magazine Articles - Thermal Imaging Training
Bullard leads the industry in publishing articles on thermal imaging training, with a variety of topics that range from application fundamentals to what to look for when purchasing a thermal imager. Articles in this section include information to help you make the most of your thermal imager.

Gary Simpson

Ask a Professional - Send an e-mail
to the Thermal Imager Trainer

Ask a Professional - Send an e-mail to the Thermal Imager Trainer
Gary Simpson is the Emergency Services Training Manager at Bullard. Retired from the Manchester Fire Department in New Hampshire, Gary has 30 years of experience as a civilian and military Firefighter/EMT and Fire & Emergency Services Instructor. Gary provides thermal imaging training for the Bullard sales force, distributors and fire departments in the US and abroad. To ask Gary a question, e-mail him at gary_simpson@bullard.com.

Other Training and Certification Resources

SAFE-IR - Two-day Courses on Thermal Imaging
SAFE-IR, a specialized thermal imaging training company, offers a two-day course on thermal imaging. Company representatives will come to your company to help train your firefighters to use this technology effectively. For more information, visit www.safe-ir.com.