Funding for Fire Service Thermal Imagers

Need Help Finding Money to Purchase a TI? Get Help From Bullard.
Bullard realizes that a department owning a TI can mean the difference between losing a life and saving one. With this realization, we recognize the importance of helping fire departments get funding for thermal imagers. Funding programs at Bullard include inSight for local fundraising, civic club partnerships, grant assistance and financing options.

How Have Others Done It?
Thinking it’s impossible to get the funding your department needs to purchase a TI? Read real stories of how other departments have been successful in their pursuit for TI funding.

Bullard offers support to departments seeking funding for thermal imagers through available grants. This section provides available grant opportunities and tips on how to write a successful grant.

Bullard offers programs to initiate local fundraising for your department, materials that can be used to make an effective appeal to organizations in your community, and much more. To get started on the road to successful fundraising, check out the content available here.