Why Bullard TIs are Better

Thermal Imager linup for the fire service

The Bullard Product Line
Since Bullard introduced its first thermal imager in 1998, breakthroughs have defined our business. Bullard established the industry standard with the legendary Bullard TI, quickly securing the number one position in the market. From simple one button operation, to the most advanced command unit, Bullard offers firefighters what they need to get the job done, at price points to meet the needs of every fire department.

  • BULLARD TOUGH - The most durable thermal imagers in the world, Bullard Thermal Imagers have regularly proven themselves in the real world. Better than any laboratory, real-life firefighters test and approve our product every day where it matters most: in real life.
  • Designed for Firefighting: Bullard Thermal Imagers are designed with your uses in mind. With two distinct product lines, Bullard Thermal Imagers designed for the fire service are essential firefighting tools, with practical features such as crawling bumpers and carrying straps for optimal handling. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all product here. We design and build Bullard Thermal Imagers with input from fire departments around the world, including those on our staff. Designs consider how firefighters hold equipment, how they interact with their tools, and how firefighters do their jobs.
  • Proven Technology: Bullard Thermal Imagers use advanced infrared technology that was developed for the military and has proven its merit in the fire service.
  • “Keep it Simple” Philosophy: Our products do not have gimmicky bells and whistles. Some of our products have only one button. We do incorporate powerful features on some products, but we make sure they are easy to understand and use and that they offer superior benefits to firefighting operations.
  • Supporting Accessories: Bullard offers convenient performance-enhancing accessories, including vehicle-mounted charging systems, wireless remote transmitting systems, tripod / clamp mounting brackets and two mobile receiving systems.
  • Versatile Power Supply: Rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries will not develop a memory, and are not suseptable to fire and explosion as are Li-Ion batteries. The charging system can charge the battery in the camera and a spare battery at the same time.

Training and Service
Bullard is at the top of the industry with training and service:

  • Best Service - Since Bullard introduced its first thermal imager in 1998, the company has been earning the respect and trust of its customers through its commitment to excellence in service and repairs. All thermal imaging customers who send their products in for service or maintenance will receive up-front pricing, 48 hour turnaround, complete system diagnostics, and free inbound and outbound shipping. Bullard offers a lifetime warranty for shell replacements.
  • Get The Picture - Fire Service - Bullard publishes the “Get The Picture” e-newsletter as a training tool for all Bullard Thermal Imager users. This market-leading publication features successful rescue stories, unique application stories, technical articles, new product information, fundraising tips and helpful ideas about how fire departments can get the most out of their Bullard Thermal Imagers on every call. Sign Up Here.

Customer Support

  • InSIGHT Program - The Bullard inSIGHT program assists fire departments in raising money for thermal imaging equipment. Instructional materials provide tips on managing the four fundamentals of fundraising: building a team, planning a campaign, conducting a technical demonstration and involving the local media. The inSIGHT support materials help fundraisers reach potential donors effectively, through group presentations, media relations and direct mail. Both print and video resources are included in this free kit. Fire department leaders and community fundraising leaders receive hands-on support from Bullard employees and distributors during the fundraising process.
  • Bullard Save-A-Life Club - A reward and recognition program for firefighters who save a civilian life or escape a life-threatening situation while using a Bullard Thermal Imager. To recognize these firefighters, Bullard holds “Save-A-Life” events at city council meetings in local communities. A Bullard representative delivers a formal presentation and presents high quality awards and tokens of appreciation to honor the department. Local media representatives and family members attend these popular events, which provide fire department leaders with an opportunity to give much-needed public recognition for the heroic work that firefighters do every day.