Bullard Save A Life Club

The Bullard Save-A-Life Club is a reward and recognition program for firefighters who save a civilian life or escape a life-threatening situation while using a Bullard Thermal Imager.

Save a Life Club Award
Fire departments inducted into the Bullard Save-A-Life Club are honored with a local award ceremony, at which rescuers receive distinctive military-style medals mounted in personalized shadow boxes, along with service ribbons, certificates and uniform patches that commemorate the life-saving event. Department leaders, local funding leaders and TI trainers receive personalized recognition gifts as well. Members of the local media are invited to cover the event.

If firefighters in your department have saved a life while using a Bullard TI, be sure to submit your story for proper recognition. Click here for a list of current members of the Bullard Save-A-Life Club.

The Bullard Save-A-Life Club provides local recognition for departments whose firefighters have saved a life while using a Bullard TI. Distinctive giveaways include military style medals, personalized certificates and uniform patches.

Contact: Deborah Puracchio
Phone: 859-234-6616, ext. 105

The firefighters from Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department will always remember the events of December 26, 2014, when they responded to a residential house fire with adults and children trapped inside. Thanks to their training, coupled with their quick response and the use of a thermal imager these firefighters saved the lives of two adults and two children.

Firefighters from Engine 13, Engine 20, Engine 28, Squad 12, and Ladder 1, from the C Shift will be honored by Bullard on April 15th at 10:30am at the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department’s Headquarters. The crews will be inducted into Bullard’s Save-A-Life Club, which honors firefighters who have saved a life while using a Bullard Thermal Imager. Firefighters from the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department used a Bullard T3MAX Thermal Imager to save the lives of the victims trapped. The thermal imager allowed the firefighters to perform a rapid and aggressive interior search.

Thermal imagers are becoming standard equipment in fire departments throughout the United States. For more information about thermal imaging or the Bullard Save-A-Life Club, visit www.bullard.com or call Bullard Customer Service at 877-BULLARD.

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