Hidden Costs of Hot Weather

Did you know that you lose money every summer because of the high temperatures? It's true. Between the costs of slower work paces, heat related illnesses, and inefficient cooling systems, it can feel like the summer heat is making money fall right out of your wallet.

Or worse yet, during high temperatures you may be exposed to hidden costs that you never even realized. For example, workers' bodies cannot compete with the heat; therefore, the workers quality becomes less efficient.

Expose Hidden Costs:
The first step in reducing the cost of hot weather is to uncover the hidden costs. To uncover hidden costs, you should understand what types of hidden cost there are, such as time spent on a job or injuries caused by heat. Here are a few examples:

  • Heat stress injuries like fainting, dehydration, and headaches.
  • Shorter days due to extreme temperatures.
  • High worker turnover.
  • Schedule changes and delays due to Mother Nature.
  • Variable or short term fixes that are frequently replaced, like fans.

Reduce Heat Cost With Smart Decisions:
It's crucial to act on behalf of the hidden costs. Below are some ways to do that:

  • Obtain a cooling vest so the employee or worker can maintain stamina.
  • Educate workers on how to listen to their body for signs of heat stress.
  • Make cooling plans in advance. Place orders on cooling vests and other cooling devices before extreme heat hits.

Wrap Up:
Many hidden costs of hot weather can be prevented. Once you take a proactive stance against hot weather, you'll see better bottom lines and healthier workers. To make your summer cooling plan, read more about cooling vests, air cooling systems, and evaporative cooling options.

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