Press Releases

2016 Press Releases

Date Title
07/27/2016 Bullard Awarded SHARP Recertification
07/26/2016 Head Protection Makes a Difference
07/05/2016 Local firefighter wins two thermal imaging cameras

2015 Press Releases

Date Title
10/15/2015 Fighting Breast Cancer Together
07/20/2015 Bullard T3X Thermal Imager Joins X Factor Series
04/16/2015 Firefighters from the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department Honored
03/10/2015 Bullard Receives Prestigious SHARP Recertification
01/23/2015 Bullard X Factor Thermal Imagers in the News
01/14/2015 Bullard Introduces X Factor Series of Thermal Imagers

2014 Press Releases

Date Title
12/02/2014 Bullard is Tobacco-Free Beginning January 1, 2015
10/08/2014 Bullard Launches SparxLift Welding Helmet for Supplied Air
07/21/2014 Swan River Firefighters Honored for Saving Life
07/18/2014 Bullard Launches Personal Cooling and Warming Devices for Spectrum Series® Full-Face Supplied Air Respirator
07/15/2014 Bayou Cane Fire Protection District Firefighters Honored
04/23/2014 Bullard Launches New SparxLift Welding Helmet for EVA PAPR
04/12/2014 Bullard Awards Central City Fire Department with Eclipse® LD Thermal Imager
04/11/2014 Bullard Awards Rock City Fire Department with Eclipse® LD Thermal Imager
04/10/2014 Bullard Awards Earlsboro Volunteer Fire Department with Eclipse® LD Thermal Imager
01/08/2014 Bullard: A History of Safety

2013 Press Releases

Date Title
10/22/2013 Be Aware of Respiratory Hazards During Abrasive Blasting and Learn How to Stay Safe
10/22/2013 Wildland Helmet Protects Firefighter from Serious Head Injury
05/15/2013 Bullard Introduces the GenVX® Blasting Helmet
04/30/2013 US Builders Review Showcases Bullard
01/07/2013 Bullard Introduces NFPA 1801-2013 Compliant T4N Thermal Imager

2012 Press Releases

Date Title
10/05/2012 Bullard Celebrates 40 Years in Cynthiana
09/27/2012 Bullard Introduces New Edge™ Thermal Imager
09/07/2012 Bullard Introduces EVAHL Powered Air-Purifying Respirator
07/17/2012 Bullard Introduces New Eclipse® LD Thermal Imager
06/12/2012 Bullard Launches New Isotherm® High-Visibility Vest
06/12/2012 Bullard Launches T-Series Quick-Attach Respirator Hoods
06/01/2012 Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75 Years of Putting Safety First
05/31/2012 Bullard Launches T-Series Quick-Attach Respirator Hoods
05/23/2012 Lake Zurich Firefighters Honored for Saving Life
02/28/2012 Enid Firefighters Honored for Saving Life
01/01/2012 Eric D. Pasch Appointed CEO of Bullard

2011 Press Releases

Date Title
09/19/2011 Bullard Enhances Leather Fronts
08/05/2011 Bullard Eclipse® Thermal Imagers Donated to Fire Departments
05/10/2011 Bullard Launches Interactive Product Configurator
03/24/2011 Eclipse® Thermal Imager Now Available with High-Resolution Imagery

2010 Press Releases

Date Title
10/13/2010 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/05/2010 Bullard® First To Introduce Industrial Faceshield Made With Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester
09/08/2010 Bullard Launches YouTube Channel

2009 Press Releases

Date Title
06/02/2009 EVA is the Newest Powered Air-Purifying Respirator from Bullard
05/29/2009 Bullard Receives Prestigious SHARP Re-Certification
04/22/2009 Eclipse® Thermal Imager Gives Firefighters More Eyes on the Fire
04/22/2009 New Bullard TrakLite® Offers Hands-Free Lighting Solution
02/05/2009 Bullard Offers Online Fire Helmet Training

2008 Press Releases

Date Title
12/30/2008 Lake Zurich Firefighters Honored for Saving Life
12/16/2008 Bullard Introduces Thermal Imaging Online Training
11/03/2008 Bullard Introduces Two New Thermal Imaging Accessories
02/11/2008 Bullard Fire Helmets Re-engineered for Superior Comfort
01/28/2008 Bullard Presents T320 Thermal Imager

2007 Press Releases

Date Title
12/28/2007 Capture Images and Video on Scene with Bullard SceneCatcher
11/16/2007 Bullard Wins Commitment to Worker Safety Award Two Consecutive Years
10/22/2007 Bullard is 2007 Innovation Awards Finalist in Surveillance Category
08/23/2007 500 For Life Donates 10 Bullard Thermal Imagers to Fire Departments
08/06/2007 Optimize your T4 Image Quality with Bullard T4 Glare Shield
06/08/2007 Respiratory Product Manager Runs AIHce Fun Run/Walk Wearing Bullard PAPR
06/08/2007 Own the Night with Bullard TacSight® S2
05/15/2007 Recognized Leader in Innovation Introduces Safe, User-Friendly Clean Air Box
02/19/2007 Bullard and Opgal Optronics Provide TacSight® Thermal Imaging Cameras for European Border Control
02/12/2007 Inventor of Hard Hat Introduces New Model With Superior Comfort
01/10/2007 Bullard To Sponsor Respiratory Protection Seminar Presented by Nationally Recognized Expert in Respirator Fit Testing, Roy McKay, PhD

2006 Press Releases

Date Title
12/06/2006 Bullard Intrinsically Safe Powered Air Purifying Respirator Wins National Safety Award
11/17/2006 Bullard Chairman Receives International Safety Award
09/15/2006 New Intrinsically Safe Respirator Rates Highest in Safety
05/05/2006 Bullard Introduces Top Comfort in Fire Helmets
02/28/2006 Bullard Hires Thermal Imaging Training Specialist Emergency Responder Division

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